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CDPQ, a key reference and partner of choice for swine industry

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Analyzing and Evaluating Data

CDPQ's combination of expertise in statistical analysis, data processing, agronomy and information technology (IT) allows for the integrated processing of available data. In this way, CDPQ is able to produce information that is useful in decision making.

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Building and livestock management

CDPQ conducts research and development relating to buildings and equipment, according to the requirements of the Quebec swine production sector. Our main objective is to contribute to innovation, to knowledge development and to the application of advanced technologies within the herds.

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Feeding and animal nutrition

The objective within this field of expertise is to help accelerate innovation and the acquisition of knowledge about techniques related to nutrition, feed and livestock management.

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A team of experts in genetics provides input in the development of strategies and tools focusing on improving the genetic potential of swine herds.

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Health and biosecurity

The Health and Biosecurity team works mainly on the innovation matters required toadapt the tools and methods of producers to meet the expectations of partners in the porkindustry and consumers, including the delivery of various services project implementation andcollaboration with various partners.

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Management and economics

To respond to the challenges and concerns of the swine industry, CDPQ gathers and disseminates the latest information on markets, production costs and swine industry news worldwide. We also put together a macro-economic portrait of the swine sector.

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Meat quality and technical services

CDPQ supports the industry in its objectives of pork product innovation and differentiation in the marketplace. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary team can intervene at different stages in the innovation process: experts in genetics, nutrition, herd management, economics, meat quality and meat processing.

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