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The Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc. (CDPQ) is a centre of expertise that contributes to the vitality of the Quebec pork sector through its services, knowledge transfer activities and involvement in several research and development projects.

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  • Software Apllication Program - Nutrient excretion calculator : Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec (the Quebec pork producers...>>

  • $imule-PRRS : The $imul–PRRS spreadsheet aims to provide an estimate...>>

  • $imul-Lysine : $imul-Lysine is a practical implement designed specifically for...>>

  • $imul-Grading : $imul-Grading enables users to simulate the impact on market...>>

  • Tool Box – Start a PRRS ARC&E Project : Do you want to start a PRRS virus Area Regional Control and...>>

  • $imul-Lot : Techno-economic simulation of shipments of pigs and pig grading...>>

  • Analysis Tool – Effectiveness of New or Existing Loading Facility : Note: available in French only   CDPQ developed a...>>

  • Reconciliation Tool – Purchased Feedstuffs and On-Farm Manufactured Feed : This calculation tool helps reconcile the purchases of basic...>>

  • Energy Efficiency: a Tool to Assess your Costs : CDPQ developed this on-farm audit method, to facilitate...>>

  • On-Farm Biogas - Guide : This guide is intended to provide a decision support tool for use...>>

  • Opti-Weight: Software for Slaughter Weight Assessment : Opti-weight aims to help producers and advisors assess the impact...>>

  • Tool for Adjusting Performances in the Growing/Finishing Phase : This web-based tool will help you adjust feed conversion and...>>

  • Suggested Matings : The suggested matings software is a selection tool to facilitate...>>

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Check out our research projects
  • Documenting prevention, preparation, intervention and recovery (PPIR) activities in the event of the emergence of an animal health...>>

  • Improving the well-being of nursery piglets by optimizing ambient conditions in the Quebec climate: a pilot project>>

  • Corn problem 2019: pilot project to evaluate strategies for optimizing the performance of piglets in a context of variable quality corn>>

  • Determination of the factors that promote sustainable use of water and measuring the use of water in Quebec pig productions>>

  • Development of an ultrasonic measurement accreditation program for sheep>>

  • Technical-economic study of precision feeding in the lactating sow>>

  • Evaluation of the different alternatives available for the identification of pigs for slaughter>>

  • Comparison of zootechnic performances and identification of best breeding practices according to the feeding system for group-housed sows...>>

  • Characterization of the number of chromosomes, the genetic variability and the productivity of Quebec wild boar livestock in a context of...>>

  • Development and adaptation of methods for detecting PRRSV in the environment and flies>>

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Watch our activities
Paris, February 6-7, 2018
The CDPQ participates in the Swine Research days in Paris - The 50th Swine Research days (JRP) were held this year, coorganized by the IFIP and INRA. This annual conference, involving all actors of the swine research and development industry, was held on Fe... >>
Dublin, Irlande, June 7-10, 2016
24th International Pig Veterinary Congress - Posters availables - Michel Morin and Christian Klopfenstein have participated at the event with 2 posters:  Economic Analysis of PRRS Resistant Dam Line: Resistance or Performance ?   Collaborati... >>
Des Moines, Iowa, March 16-18 2015
American Society of Animal Science – Midwest Meeting - Poster Session - This is the poster a team from CDPQ presented at the ASAS. Cloutier, L. (on-site presenter), Berthiaume, G., Rivest, J. and M. Morin. 2015. Effect of a precision feeding strategy ap... >>
Paris, February 3-4 2015
Journées de la recherche porcine (Swine Research Days) - Poster available - This is the poster that a team from CDPQ delivered at the Journées de la recherche porcine. Rivest, J., Labrecque, J., Roy, M., Ricard, M.A. and F. Fortin. 2015. Individual water consumption syste... >>

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May 1, 2020
Important Notice on COVID-19 Reopening of certain services to agricultural producers from May 4. Dear...>>
November 15, 2018
Influence of the layout of growing-finishing units with sorting scales for large groups on pig behaviour and performance Livestock farming methods are evolving rapidly (e.g. heavier finisher pigs, scarce labor, and emphasis on animal...>>
November 15, 2018
Evaluation of equipment for ultrasound measurements in live animals - The results! Ultrasound technology is widely used in breeding programs to measure backfat thickness, muscle depth, and...>>

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