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Meat quality

technical services

Marie-Pierre Fortier, M.Sc., Ph.D. student
Responsible - Meat Quality and Technical Services

Tel. 418 650-2440 ext. 4337
Cell. 418 802-7930
Email: mpfortier@cdpq.ca

Meat quality and technical services

CDPQ supports the industry in its objectives of pork product innovation and differentiation in the marketplace. For this purpose, a multidisciplinary team can intervene at different stages in the innovation process: experts in genetics, nutrition, herd management, economics, meat quality and meat processing.

    Through a structured process of ongoing quality improvement, CDPQ supports the industry inits objectives of reducing the costs brought about by a level of non-compliant quality.


CDPQ has developed a considerable skillset concerning the taking of various measurementsrelated to meat quality. This expertise is used to monitor the changing needs of the marketand comply with the new specifications for pork.


The CDPQ technical services team sets the standard in Canada now for ultrasonicmeasurements, for both commercial producers and stakeholders from different sectors. This expertise initially developed in pig production is now available for several other animalspecies (e.g. sheep, cattle, wild boars, fish).

Main services offered
  • Statistical analyses, breakdown of the costs of non-compliant meat quality and analysisof probable causes
  • Implementation of plans to improve the technological and sensory quality of pork meat
  • Implementation of management systems for factors that influence meat quality
  • Prise de mesures de la qualité de la viande des coupes de viandes et du rendement de carcasse (ex. perte en eau, pH, fermeté, couleur, % de gras intramusculaire, longueur de carcasse, poids des coupes primaires, surface de l’oeil de longe)
  • Prises de mesures sur l’animal vivant (porcs, bovins de boucherie, ovins, sanglier, poissons)

For more information, please see this document, which lists our main services by field of expertise

specialized site

Transfer center of " Chaire de recherche sur la qualité et la salubrité de la viande (MuscULo) "

Our team collaborates with the Research Chair in Meat Quality and Safety (MuscULo) at Laval University to keep the website up to date. This site presents the progress of the Chair, its team, the publications produced and projects in progress as well as the events to come in this field.