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Specialized sites

The CDPQ team collaborates in maintaining and updating the content of the following specialized websites:

Center for the transfer of research in monogastric nutrition

Our team collaborates with Laval University’s Research Chair in Alternative Feeding Strategies for Pigs and Poultry to maintain the monogastric research transfer center. This site presents the advancements of the Chair, its team, the publications and current projects as well as the upcoming events in this field.


MAPAQ Research Chair in Meat Quality and Safety (MuscULo)

The MuscULo chair aims to improve the quality and safety of meat products to reduce food loss and waste as well as maintain the competitiveness of the meat industry. The chair develops innovative strategies throughout the food chain to meet consumers’ demands for healthy and nutritious meat products in a sustainable and integrated approach from farm to table.

The CDPQ teams also develop specialized wiki websites. Three of these wiki-style websites are currently available:

WIKI - Committee RDT

The purpose of the Research, Development and Knowledge Transfer in the Swine Industry  (RDT) Committee is to improve synergy among the various research entities for the benefit of the entire industry.

This website features a dynamic directory that was first created in 2016–2017 and has since been updated by the CDPQ team, containing the following information:

  • Information and documents generated by members of the RDT Committee
  • List of issues and areas of R&D intervention identified as critical in the short and medium term to ensure the development and competitiveness of Quebec’s swine industry
  • List of public research projects for the years 2018–2021
  • Resources, expertise, and institutions dedicated to RDT in Quebec’s swine sector
  • Financial assistance programs available for research in the swine sector

WIKI - Influenza

The "Wiki Influenza” website collects information on the analysis of provincial-level measures (sequences and vaccines) that could be taken to gain better control over the effects of swine influenza on the swine population.

It also gathers information and knowledge on the following:
  • Virus identification, characterization, and classification
  • Circulating strains (Quebec, Canada)
  • Vaccination options
  • Etc.

WIKI - Transport

The « Transportation Wiki » site was created to consolidate and centralize any availableinformation on concepts, knowledge and programs related to the transportation of live pigs inQuebec. Exemples:
  • Transportation-related biosecurity (e.g. online training courses for companies, factsheets on washing, etc.)
  • Biosecurity Audit Program for Pork Transportation Companies (2018)
  • Concepts related to animal welfare (handling, transport, installations) in the form ofvideos and fact sheets
  • Accessible training sessions for TQA certification (Transport Quality Assurance) given bythe CDPQ

WIKI - Swine health monitoring (VSP)

Province-wide swine health monitoring (VSP) is a structured approach that facilitates the collection, compilation and systematic analysis of data, together with rapid circulation ofinformation to all those involved in the approaches to Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome PRRS control.

A compilation of all the information on the Province-wide swine health monitoring (VSP) are combined on the program’s dedicated website. There, you can find:
  • Information on the developments in this provincial initiative
  • Available financial assistance
  • A description of the role and services offered by partnering organizations