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Raphaël Mbombo Mwendela, M.Sc.
Responsible - Management and Economics

Tel. 418 650-2440 ext. 4321
Email: rmbombomwendela@cdpq.ca

Management and economics

To respond to the challenges and concerns of the swine industry, CDPQ gathers and disseminates the latest information on markets, production costs and swine industry news worldwide. We also put together a macro-economic portrait of the swine sector.

Our team is always working toward improved management practices, with the goal of reducing the production costs of agribusiness. They also see to it that most of the R & D projects carried out in CDPQ are expanded to include relevant information on economic issues.

Main services offered 
  • Cost, benefit and impact analysis of a research and development project and itstechnological transfer
  • Evaluation of production costs related to a research project
  • Information on markets
  • Training support for breeders and advisors

For more information, please see this document, which lists our main services by field of expertise