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Christian Klopfenstein, Ph.D., DVM
Responsible - Health and Biosecurity

Tel. 418 650-2440 ext. 4309
Email: cklopfenstein@cdpq.ca

Health and biosecurity

The Health and Biosecurity team works mainly on the innovation matters required toadapt the tools and methods of producers to meet the expectations of partners in the porkindustry and consumers, including the delivery of various services project implementation andcollaboration with various partners.

Disease monitoring (Quebec and Canada)
  • Collaboration with the MAPAQ’s Animal Health Information and Alert Network (RAIZO)
  • Collaboration with the Canadian Swine Health Intelligence Network (RCSSP|CSHIN)

Participation on various federal committees
  • Collaboration with partners of the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (SCSSA|CAHSS)
  • Collaboration with partners of the CIPARS
Main services offered
Various tools to meet the needs of the industry
  • On-farm biosecurity audits (link)
  • Audits en biosécurité dans le transport (link)
  • On-farm health risk management maps and Health status maps (link)

For more information, please see this document, which lists our main services by field of expertise

specialized site

WIKI - Influenza

The “Wiki Influenza” website collects information on the analysis of provincial-level measures (sequences and vaccines) that could be taken to gain better control over the effects of swine influenza on the swine population.

It also gathers information and knowledge on the following:
  • Virus identification, characterization, and classification
  • ​Circulating strains (Quebec, Canada)
  • Vaccination options
  • Etc.


WIKI - Transportation

The « Transportation Wiki » site was created to consolidate and centralize any available information on concepts, knowledge and programs related to the transportation of live pigs in Quebec. The information is sorted in order to facilitate searches according to your needs. Here are some topics available:
  • Transportation-related biosecurity (e.g. online training courses for companies, fact sheets on washing, etc.)
  • Biosecurity Audit Program for Pork Transportation Companies (2018)
  • Concepts related to animal welfare (handling, transport, installations) in the form of videos and fact sheets
  • Accessible training sessions for TQA certification (Transport Quality Assurance) given by the CDPQ

WIKI - Swine Health Monitoring (VSP)

Province-wide swine health monitoring (VSP) is a structured approach that facilitates the collection, compilation and systematic analysis of data, together with rapid circulation of information to all those involved in the approaches to Porcine Reproductive & Respiratory Syndrome PRRS control.
A compilation of all the information on the Province-wide swine health monitoring (VSP) are combined on the program’s dedicated website. There, you can find:
  • Information on the developments in this provincial initiative;
  • Available financial assistance;
  • A description of the role and services offered by partnering organizations.