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Support for research

The CDPQ offers support services for your R&D projects, either completely or partially basedon your needs, which may include - but not limited to - the following service:
  • Coordination / writing of funding applications
  • Coordination and drafting of the research protocol
  • Development and validation of experimental devices
  • Literature review
  • Project monitoring, supervision or management
  • Data analysis and exploitation
  • Cost-benefit analysis for developed tools and/or strategies
  • Project validation and final report
  • Presentation of results

Our team may also provide assistance in quality control or the supervision of trials carried outon commercial farms. Examples of this kind of service include:
  • Technical data collection during experimental periods
  • Various animal measurements (i.e. taking ultrasound measurements in vivo)
  • Measuring carcass quality and meat quality at slaughter

Support for research

  • Research and development projects
  • Commercial farm trials

All project support services are offered within all of our fields of expertise.

Do not hesitate to contact us!

418 650-2440