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Development of training and information tools to better manage PED contaminated sites

February 2015 to November 2015

Christian Klopfenstein, Ph.D., DVM
Responsible - Health and Biosecurity

Phone: 418 650-2440 ext. 4309
Email: cklopfenstein@cdpq.ca

Create instructional videos (4) to show the implementation of certain key procedures for eradicating PED from contaminated sites.
Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc.
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Videos (in French)
  • The cleaning, washing, disinfection, drying and lime washing of a building contaminated by PED and SDCV - video (8:13)
  • PED or SDCV contaminated Site: biosecurity measures for suppliers and providers of  products and services who do not enter the buildings - video (5:24)
  • PED or SDCV contaminated Site: biosecurity measures for those suppliers  and providers of products and services who enter the buildings - video (8:5)
  • Fitting out a Danish corridor when a site is contaminated by a new disease with significant economic impact - video (5:49)
  • Swine barns: on-farm lime washing - video (4:43)
  • Action plan for PED and SDCV control on contaminated sites - video ( 7:55)
Factsheets (in French)