Evaluation of pig barn air ozonation for biosecurity purposes


Power Point Presentation (in French)
Final Report (in French)

Building and livestock management | Health and biosecurity

Aim / objectives:
Assess the potential of air ozonation on reducing pathogen levels (eg, SRRP, Influenza, Mycoplasma) in pig farms.
  • Determine the concentration of ozone and contact time required to remove different pathogens, depending on the infectious load present in the air; 
  • Evaluate the costs associated with the installation and use of an on-farm ozonation system (economic estimate);
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a combination of biosecurity measures, including filtration and ozonation, on keeping nursery units free from certain pathogens (bioexclusion);
  • Evaluate the efficiency of ozonation on the treatment of air leaving the farm (biocontainment).


Dave Gilbert, ing., MBA, président, EMO3; Caroline Duchaine, professor, Université Laval, département de biochimie, de microbiologie et de bio-informatique.

Project Manager:
Sébastien Turcotte
CDPQ Team:
Jean-Gabriel Turgeon; Marie-Aude Ricard; Christian Klopfenstein