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The Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc. (CDPQ) is a centre of expertise that contributes to the vitality of the Quebec pork sector through its services, knowledge transfer activities and involvement in several research and development projects.

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  • SOFTWARE APPLICATION PROGRAM - Nutrient excretion calculator : Les Éleveurs de porcs du Québec (the Quebec pork producers...>>

  • $imul-PRRS : The $imul–PRRS spreadsheet aims to provide an estimate...>>

  • $imul-Lysine : $imul-Lysine is a practical implement designed specifically...>>

  • $imul-Grading : $imul-Grading enables users to simulate the impact on market...>>

  • Tool Box – Start a PRRS ARC&E Project : Do you want to start a PRRS virus Area Regional Control and...>>

  • $imul-Lot : Techno-economic simulation of shipments of pigs and pig grading...>>

  • ANALYSIS TOOL – EFFECTIVENESS OF NEW OR EXISTING LOADING FACILITY : Note: available in French only   CDPQ developed a...>>

  • RECONCILIATION TOOL – PURCHASED FEEDSTUFFS AND ON-FARM MANUFACTURED FEED : This calculation tool helps reconcile the purchases of basic...>>

  • ENERGY EFFICIENCY: A TOOL TO ASSESS YOUR COSTS : CDPQ developed this on-farm audit method, to facilitate...>>

  • ON-FARM BIOGAS - GUIDE : This guide is intended to provide a decision support tool for...>>

  • OPTI-WEIGHT: SOFTWARE FOR SLAUGHTER WEIGHT ASSESSMENT : Opti-weight aims to help producers and advisors assess the...>>

  • TOOL FOR ADJUSTING PERFORMANCES IN THE GROWING/FINISHING PHASE : This web tool allows to adjust the feed efficiency at...>>

  • SUGGESTED MATINGS : The suggested matings software is a selection tool to...>>

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Check out our research projects
  • Feed ingredients and alternative feed additives in swine and poultry feeds>>

  • Validation of the balanced feed intake approach to estimating excretion of phosphorus in swine manure>>

  • Resources and support programs to lower the Quebec swine herd's risk of PED virus infection>>

  • Development of training materials and information on gestating sows housed in groups>>

  • Development of training tools for the swine sector on the transportation of weakened animals>>

  • Detection of chromosomal aberrations in Quebec's population of breeding boars>>

  • Airborne spread of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus>>

  • Evaluation of a multiphase feeding by automated feeder strategy in a commercial swine operation>>

  • Sows housed in groups: results of the first building conversions and site conditions under environmental enrichment methods: two...>>

  • Development of an innovative feeding system for pregnant sows housed in groups>>

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Dallas, Texas, March 1-4 2014
AASV - 45th annual meeting - Posters availables - CDPQ have participated at the event with 3 posters:Innovative air filtration strategies at the exhaust fans of a quarantine buildingCollaborative information system for PRRS management: from farm t... >>

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Basic rules of biosecurity concerning the unloading of pigs at a slaughterhouse that has possibly been infected with a new swine enteric coronavirus Here is a video from CDPQ that shows the biosecurity measures to apply when unloading pigs at a slaughterhouse that...>>
New General Manager in 2015 at the CDPQ The Chair of the Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc. (CDPQ), Mr. Normand Martineau, has...>>
Biosecurity procedures surrounding the truck-to-truck transfer of pigs This video from CDPQ shows the biosecurity procedures to follow to combat cross-contamination by pathogens, such as...>>

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