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Comparison of zootechnic performances and identification of best breeding practices according to the feeding system for group-housed sows in the Quebec context
  • Features - Porc Québec, september 2022
  • Power Point Presentation
  • Report

Training workshop on new arrivals for group-housed sows
  • Presentations

Optimize management strategies for gestating group-housed sows using free access ESF systems
  • Fact sheet
  • Features - le Bulletin des agriculteurs, november 2019
  • Features - Porc Québec, november 2019 (French)
  • Final report
  • Power Point Presentation

Evaluating water wastage as per various drinking systems and the study of drinking behavior of gestating group-housed sows
  • Fact sheet
  • Features - Porc Québec, June 2019
  • Final report
  • Power Point Presentation

Transitioning to group housing: everything you need to know
  • Training Manual - Housing Sows in Groups
  • PowerPoint presentation - Different feeding systems for sows housed in groups
  • Barn layouts (plans) according to different systems
  • Information Sheet and Video - Floor feeding system
  • Information Sheet and Video - Free-access feeding system with partial (shoulder) stalls
  • Information Sheet and Video - Automated (ESF) feeding system with self-locking stalls
  • Information Sheet and Video - Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF) automated feeding system

Building Refits

Innovative feeding system for pregnant sows housed in groups (Self-locking stalls)

  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine, April 2014
  • Fact sheet - Innovative feeding system
  • Final report - Development of an innovative group feeding system for gestating sows 

Technology and Techniques Fact-finding Mission: Group Housing for Pregnant Sows
  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine, June 2013
  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine, April 2013
  • PowerPoint presentation - European fact-finding mission on housing pregnant sows in groups, as well as practices that contribute to swine welfare
  • Technical Report of Fact-finding Mission - March 2013
  • Report on the farm visits