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animal nutrition

Laetitia Cloutier, Agr., M.Sc.
Responsible - Feeding and Animal Nutrition

Tel. 418 650-2440 ext. 4352
Cell. 418 609-0320
Email: lcloutier@cdpq.ca

Lucie Galiot, Ph.D. - Animal Science
Responsible - Feeding and Animal Nutrition - Sow

Tel. 418 650-2440
Email: lgaliot@cdpq.ca

Feeding and animal nutrition

The objective within this field of expertise is to help accelerate innovation and the acquisition of knowledge about techniques related to nutrition, feed and livestock management.
Main services offered
  • Technical advice related to production systems requiring adaptation or changes in management (e.g. projects on the development of precision feeding programs and balanced feed intake)
  • Training support for breeders and advisors
  • Studies, projects or literature reviews

Laetitia is our growing pig feeding and animal nutrition specialist. She is your point of contact for any questions about projects being conducted or planned in this area of expertise at the station for both piglets in nursery barns and pigs in finishing barns.

Lucie is our specialist in Feeding and Animal Nutrition, especially for sows. She is your resource for all questions about projects related to this field or for any other project relating to sows or piglets (e.g. animal welfare, preparation of gilts, behavior, etc.).

For more information, please see this document, which lists our main services by field of expertise.

specialized site

Centre de transfert de la recherche en nutrition des monogastriques

Our team collaborates with Laval University’s Research Chair in Alternative Feeding Strategies for Swine and Poultry to maintain the monogastric research transfer center. This site presents the advancements of the Chair, its team, thepublications and current projects as well as the upcoming events in this field.