RDT Portrait (2017)


In order to focus on the subject of research and development (R&D) within the Quebec pork industry, as well as to consider the progress made in recent years and generate a common vision of the future of the main issues to be targeted, the industry expressed an interest to draw up a global and current portrait of the R&D sector and use it to create a forum for all the stakeholders in the Quebec pork industry involved in R&D.

As part of this action plan, the CDPQ team received the following mandate in 2016:
  • Produce a global portrait of the research, development and knowledge transfer (RDT) sector within the Quebec pork industry.
This project has made it possible to develop a current dynamic directory of resources, expertise and institutions dedicated to RDT in the Quebec pork industry. This directory is publicly available and can, if desired by the actors of the industry, be optimized and updated over time.
  • FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ACCES THE DIRECTORY (last update, January 2017 - Information in French only)


  1. Overview of the stakeholders, infrastructures and existing expertise in RDT;
  2. Assessment of the availability or need for succession in the various fields of expertise;
  3. Establishment of a list of R&D issues and areas of intervention identified as important in the short and medium term to ensure the development and competitiveness of the Québec pig industry;
  4. Review of the RDT actions carried out since the last forum on the same theme (September 2006).
(Information in French only)

Nathalie Plourde
Phone : 418-650-2440 (4331)

Project results and additional information:

In parallel with this project, the pork industry also commissioned the AGECO Group to establish a diagnosis of the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of our current R&D model in the Quebec pork industry that will be representative of all the segments in our Quebec pork R&D system.
The information gathered through the portrait produced by the CDPQ and the diagnosis prepared by the AGECO Group was presented as part of a forum held on September 27th, 2017, at the Lévis Convention and Exhibition Center, under the theme of research, development and knowledge transfer in the Quebec pork industry.
This project was made possible thanks to financial assistance from the Agri-Food Innov'Action Program under the “Growing Forward 2” bilateral agreement between the governments of Canada and Quebec.