Honorary Member

In June 2011, Lyse Grenier, President of CDPQ, announced the appointment of the first honorary member of the Centre de développement du porc du Québec inc. in the person of Mr. Laurent Pellerin:
"The Centre has been made possible thanks to the vision and determination of a handful of men including, among others, that of Mr. Laurent Pellerin * who today, twenty years later, still continues to exert his influence on and devote his energies to supporting, the development of agriculture, in particular swine production.”
Mr. Pellerin was involved in setting up the Centre, and once it was established (1992), he took on the presidency for almost two years, until June 9, 1994. If we count the months invested in developing this project, Mr. Pellerin, together with the directors of the Centre, shaped the original structure of CDPQ for three and a half years and set the pattern for today's centre of expertise as we know it, occupying a strategic positioning within Quebec's swine industry, with funding from MAPAQ, who then transferred its swine programs, with a site in Deschambault for the swine evaluation station, plus active support from technical committees.
Nearly 20 years after the creation of the Centre, Mr. Pellerin continues to act as an ambassador for CDPQ. For this reason and in recognition of his involvement in innovation in the pork sector, all the members of the Board fully endorse the nomination of Mr. Pellerin.
* Mr. Laurent Pellerin is currently serving a four year term as President of the Farm Products Council of Canada.