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CDPQ's inter-professional team manages two lists of names for communicating different information to participants, partners and collaborators of the VSP. To sign up, please email us.

  • The Info-VSP list is used to send various messages of general interest about the province-wide swine health surveillance and control of endemic diseases to producers, veterinarians, data entry clerks, the coordinators of local and regional action committees, as well as to all the partners involved with the VSP.
  • The VSP-Collaborators list is used to send information about the working arrangements for collaborators involved in PRRS health surveillance.
Bulletin vsp
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documentation on the vsp
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Conference and scientific articles
  • Klopfenstein, C. 2016. Tools for controlling PRRS, January 21. (In french)
  • Urizar, L. et coll. 2014. Collaborative information system for PRRS management: from farms to cell phones, IPVS Congress Mexico 2014, Proceedings of the 23rd IPVS Congress, Text and Poster, June 8-11.