Air filtration

Minimizing the Risks of Infection in Canadian Swine Buildings with Air Filtration Systems
  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine (French)
  • Literature Review - Air Filtration in Swine Barns, Overview of the current situation
  • Fact sheet - Air Filtration in Swine Barns (summary)
  • Fact sheet – Economics
  • Fact sheet - Analysis of Findings and Recommendations (done during audits)
  • Minimum Standards for Swine Buildings with Air Filtration – Engineering and Biosecurity
  • Checklist - Engineering and Biosecurity Aspects
  • Report - Evaluation of Pre-filter and Filter Performance, using a Test Bench
  • Power Point Presentation

Innovative Biocontainment Concept With Air Filtration at the Exhaust Fans in a Quarantine Facility: Combination of Proven Technologies to Reduce Filter Clogging Rate
  • Final report
  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine (French)
  • Results – Biocontainment in a quarantine facility
  • Information sheet - Concept and Results
  • Information sheet – Protocols and Biosecurity

Develop Ventilation Concepts That Would Enable a Reduction in the Flow of air Required During Summer in Maternity and Grow/Finish Facilities
  • Final Report (French)
  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine (French)
  • Information sheet (French)
  • Summary

Development of methods to reduce unfiltered air inflow in swine barns with filtered air systems
  • Information sheet (French)
  • Feature - Porc Québec magazine (French)

Technical guide for the installation and use of air filtration systems in swine barns
  • Technical guide

Evaluation of the effectiveness of Noveko air filters for reduction or prevention of airborne transmission of PRRSV: tests conducted on used filters of different ages
  • Final report (French)

Update on a swine farm air filtration system equipped with virucides or bactericides for preventing airborne transmission of pathogens (infectious agents)
Feature - Porc Québec magazine (French)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (French)
  • Final report (French)
  • Estimate for installation of an air filtration system (French)
  • Summary (French)

Evaluation of an Air Filtration System Designed to Reduce or Prevent Airborne Transmission of the PRRS Virus in Swine Barns
  • Final report
  • Feature – Porc Québec magazine (French)

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